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What is Highest Buy Price and Lowest Selling Price?

At Doji, we believe in giving our buyers and sellers the freedom to set prices as they see fit. When you buy or sell a phone on our platform, you'll see two important price points: the Buy Price and Sell Price.

Buyers have the power to set the Highest Buy Price, which is visible to all sellers as the Sell Now Price. This means that anyone can adjust their offer in real-time to become the highest bidder and increase their chances of having their offer accepted. If you notice that prices are lower on Doji than elsewhere and the number of available units is low, setting the Highest Buy Price could be a smart move.

Sellers, on the other hand, can set the Lowest Sell Price, which is visible to all buyers as the Buy Now Price. Setting an Asking Price gives sellers control over the price they want for their phone. Additionally, sellers can keep tabs on buyer offers through the OrderBooks feature, which displays the View Asks and Bids window. This provides sellers with real-time data to decide whether to adjust their Asking Price. If you're looking to price your phone to sell, setting the lowest price will make it the default Buy Now Price.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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